Whether you’re Batwoman or just trying to make it to Friday, we all get junk food cravings. Actress Ruby Rose revealed that she gets a very relatable craving while training for her superhero role on the CW. Luckily, the plant-based food advocate has a healthy swap that makes her feel satisfied.

“When I’m exhausted and have a full day and just want a hamburger, I’ll just make an Impossible burger or Beyond Meat. I don’t love meat, but it’s the idea of a hamburger. It’s a form of junk food I want and need, but it’s still good for me. Fries and a burger,” the Orange Is the New Black star confessed on the set of Rebbl With a Cause. “I’m in tune with my body because I don’t eat processed foods. I can figure out what it is in the food that I’m craving.”

Ruby Rose Grey Suit and Crop Top
Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

The busy actress works hard to keep her diet in check, even when her job takes her all over the place, and noted that repetition works for her. “My life and career and schedule aren’t exactly stable. There will be times when I’m shooting from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and other times having a busy week of traveling. To make sure I’m getting all the fats and proteins I need for action, I’ll make one thing and just eat that until I can’t anymore,” she explained. “My most recent thing is a Rebbl drink — it’s a cold brew that contains mushroom for immortality … I’ll have that and avocado toast. There’s 79 variations of avocado toast — you can change it with sprouts, tomatoes and pesto.”

The Australian beauty also loves porridge, kale salads and snacks on fruits and nuts throughout the day to keep her energized. She definitely needs fuel because her latest role demands a lot. “I’m used to having really active characters in films, but shooting the Batwoman pilot was really heightened. It was the mixture of stunts, stunt training and the shooting of the show with the emotional stuff,” Ruby acknowledged. The John Wick: Chapter 2 star uses a mixture of plant-based foods and natural supplements to stay in tip-top condition. “I take supplements like ashwagandha. And adaptogens like turmeric — when I feel like I sprained something — is one of the best things for inflammation. Adaptogens are called that because they adapt to you,” she said.

Eat well, feel good, right?