Sarah Stage, the model who made headlines during her pregnancy for having killer six-pack abs, is once again getting a lot of attention – but this time it’s not positive.

The new mom faced immediate backlash after she took a selfie in a mall department store dressing room and posted it on Snapchat. While she clearly intended to gauge interest in the dress she was trying on, fans were more concerned with the fact that her eight-month-old son James was laying on the dirty dressing room floor in the photo.

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sarah stage

Critics attacked the model for being a “bad mom” – and the backlash got so bad that Sarah actually sent a photo to TMZ to clear up the misunderstanding.

In the pic, which shows an overhead angle, it’s clear that Sarah didn’t put James directly onto the public carpet. Rather, he’s laying on one of his blankets and is fast asleep.

“I didn’t want to wake him,” she captioned the pic.