After a month-long stay at a rehab facility in NYC, Selena Gomez is coming home. A source close to Selena’s family confirmed to Life & Style that she is out and headed back to LA, if she’s not there already.

It seems as though her stay had a positive effect on the singer. “Selena benefited tremendously from this and she is in a different head space now. Her mother is so grateful for her making the conscious decision to get help,” another insider revealed to Radar. “Selena will still continue to work with therapists and psychiatrist and is committed to making sure that she stays healthy both mentally and physically.”

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Selena is feeling “refreshed and is in a better head space,” a source told E! News, who broke the story. As for what’s next, probably more time off. The 26-year-old “Wolves” singer “wants to lay low for a while and isn’t ready to go full force into working yet.”

Selena’s treatment came on the heels of being hospitalized twice in early October due to complications from her autoimmune disease lupus and the kidney transplant that took place last June. She had an alarmingly low white blood cell count, which is an indicator of a risk of infection in transplant recipients.

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The health scares made Selena feel like “her life was spiraling out of control,” a source revealed to Life & Style. “She has dealt with anxiety and depression since she was a teenager,” the source added. “She recognizes her demons and is getting help before it’s too late.”

Selena has sought mental health help in the past. She was admitted to Arizona’s Meadows facility in 2014, checked into a Tennessee treatment center in 2016, and stayed two weeks for depression and anxiety at an NYC treatment center in early 2018. Hopefully, Selena continues to do well at home and is receiving support from friends and family. Thinking about you, Sel!

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