She was named Woman of the Year by Billboard in 2017, but we think Selena Gomez is also worthy of another title: Sister of the Year! The 25-year-old singer was an only child for most of her life — that is until 2013 when her mother, Mandy Teefey, welcomed her first child with Selena's stepfather, Brian Teefey.

So, what do we know about Gracie, 4, and the brunette beauty's other sibling, Tory Gomez, who was born to Sel's father Ricardo Joel Gomez and his wife Sarah on June 12, 2014? Well, the Thirteen Reasons Why executive producer wrote a beautiful tribute to Gracie on Instagram earlier this year.

"I will forever let my sister know she is strong, bold and beautiful. She will be raised to know her voice matters. She is going to understand the importance behind being a leader and inspire others by her truth," the proud sibling wrote.

And Tory has seen her big sis — who received a life-saving kidney transplant this past summer — perform live. While at a Selena concert, she wore a t-shirt that read, "That's My Sissy!," on the back.

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While Gracie and Tory are Selena's only biological siblings, the "Bad Liar" hitmaker also has a stepbrother named Marcus Gomez. Selena was just five years old when her parents divorced, an event that really affected her childhood, she revealed in an interview.

Selena told Glamour, "I was frustrated that my parents weren't together, and never saw the light at the end of the tunnel where my mom was working hard to provide a better life for me. I'm terrified of what I would have become if I stayed [in that state of mind]. I'm sure I'd have two children by now."