While Sharna Burgess may always seem confident, that’s not exactly the case. The 34-year-old got candid about body positivity in her March 9 YouTube video. Fans sent in their questions and when one person asked how Sharna deals with body image, she offered her best advice from personal experience.

“I’ve certainly had negative body issues and body image issues over my life being a dancer,” the Dancing With the Stars alum explained. “It’s a long journey of self-love that you have to go through, and understanding that you are the soul that is within you and not this physical body. The truth is the more you hate on your body and the more you don’t like what you see, honestly, the worse it’s going to get.”

Sharna then divulged why it’s important for everyone to treat their body as a temple. “The more you can honor your body, whatever shape and size you are, and appreciate what it’s done for you, where it’s gotten you … Yes, all the skin, all the muscle, all the cushion, all the everything, every inch of you is beautiful and has had you survive your life up until this point … It’s protected you. It’s nourished you. It’s helped you thrive and survive. I think you have to change your perspective on what body image should be because there is no ‘should be.’ There is simply just loving your body.” Preach!

Sharna Burgess Mirror Selfie
Courtesy of Sharna Burgess/ Instagram

The Australia native is all about being active and eating well to stay healthy. In March 2019, she revealed to Us Weekly that she loves Tabata, which consists of quick exercises like burpees or mountain climbers. “You get so much work done so quickly and you don’t even realize it,” she told the outlet at the time. “You’re sticking to a schedule, you can’t mosey about. You’re in and you’re out in eight minutes with this one.”

The redhead also dished on the most notable thing about her diet. “The key to this is PORTION CONTROL,” she added. “You may not think another handful would make a difference, but times that handful by seven days or 30 days and before you know it, you’ve snacked your way to 7,000 calories.” That’s some sound advice!