Social butterfly! Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has a “very impressive” network of “likeminded friends around the world,” which mom Angelina Jolie “encourages,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style.

The A-list 16-year-old has “made a ton of friends in dance class, school and through social media,” says the insider, noting that Shiloh “makes friends fast.”

The daughter of Angelina, 47, and Brad Pitt is finding her own path in life with a bustling social calendar, and she’s also “interested in dating,” a second insider exclusively told Life & Style. 

“Shiloh is very outgoing. She’s definitely not a little kid anymore. It’s like she grew up overnight,” the second insider explained, noting that Angie would have to “approve” of any potential suitors.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Has an 'a Ton of Friends’: Her Inner Circle
Matteo Nardone/Pacific Press/Shutterstock

While the California kid has grown into a lovely young lady, she cares about a lot more than socializing. Despite still being in high school, Shiloh is “savvy when it comes to finances,” a separate source told In Touch. 

She earns nearly “$14,000 a week doing side jobs,” including “small dance jobs, tutoring and reading books to produce as films.” In addition, Shiloh has been working as a production assistant on an upcoming film that her famous mom is tied to. 

While Shiloh lives her life mostly out of the spotlight, she’s gotten flooded with opportunities to step more into the public eye.

“She’s been offered lucrative modeling gigs, which she’s mulling over,” the third source revealed. “Shiloh says modeling isn’t her thing, but she would use the paycheck to finance her dance, art and movie projects.”

Shiloh’s “main love” is dance and “she’s really good at it,” a separate source previously told In Touch about the “natural dancer” who “really can move.”

“Shiloh is a typical 16-year-old, and she’s expressing herself in so many ways,” said the fourth source, gushing that Brad, 59, and Angelina are “impressed” and “couldn’t be prouder” of their daughter.

In addition to Shiloh, Brad and Angelina, who split in 2016 after two years of marriage, are also parents to Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Knox and Vivienne. 

Shiloh has definitely garnered a lot of attention as the former celebrity couple’s oldest biological child. She has inherited Brad and Angelina’s gorgeous looks, and she has her own signature style. The fashionista has even been sporting a stylish buzz cut hairstyle since ringing in the new year.