Another day, another celebrity getting trolled on social media. This time, it’s Miss Sofia Richie … and her underwear! On Friday, August 16, Scott Disick’s ladylove, 20, took to Instagram to share two stunning new photos from her European getaway. Unfortunately, Sofia suffered *a bit* of a wardrobe malfunction in the second snapshot. How, you ask? Well, her pink skivvies were visible. 

Before we get into the ridiculous comments from haters who simply couldn’t let it go, it’s worth noting two things: 1) Sofia likely knew her panties were showing. After all, someone with five million followers likely gives their posts a once over and 2) She’s vacationing in the South of France right now. The pink material may very well be a bikini. 

Sofia Richie
Courtesy of Sofia Richie/Instagram

OK, onto the comments! “Underwear spotted,” one user wrote, along with a shocked emoji and peace sign emoji. Nice investigating, dude! “Honey, are you showing your underwear? You’re a beautiful girl, but you should be more modest!” added another. To be honest, we don’t even have the time to explain everything wrong with that statement.

“You should really delete the second picture because your pink undies are showing!” a third person commented, while a fourth echoed, “Ummm, I can see your underwear, though.” Thankfully, a handful of Sofia’s fans managed to ignore the underwear and comment on her beauty. *Pauses to slow clap.*

“You literally get prettier every day,” one gushed. “Such a natural beauty!” another added. At the end of the day, Sofia is having the time of her life right now with Kylie Jenner and her posse. We seriously doubt she’s phased by any of this. Plus, she recently posted a photo of herself in a thong bikini … do you think she cares about showing skin? The answer is no.

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