What the heck is going on with these two? YouTuber Tana Mongeau asked fans and followers if they thought she should go out to see close friend and rumored flame Mod Sun while he’s out on tour — and needless to say, the inquiry has us a little curious.

“When someone plays this on aux [and] I miss @jimmymbennett [and] @modsun cuz [sic] they’re on tooooour [sic],” the blonde beauty wrote over a selfie clip while listening to one of the rapper’s tracks. “Should I pull up to some shows?”


This definitely wouldn’t be the first time the MTV starlet and the musician’s relationship has raised eyebrows. In fact, the rapper (a.k.a. Derek Smith) surprised the vlogger with Christmas gifts from his family in 2019. “[Mod’s] entire family got me gifts,” she wrote on Twitter on December 27. “[BRB] gonna go sob.”

Tana’s relationship with the 32-year-old has always been pretty ambiguous. Her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne dated Mod from mid-2017 through April 2019 — at the same time she was dating Tana as well. The polyamorous relationship was an interesting one, as both parties only dated Bella, 22, and not each other. But you never know, right?

To be fair, the Tana by Tana founder told Life & Style exclusively that her dating life was dependent on true connection, which she and Mod do have. “I think I’m definitely at a point in my life where if the connection isn’t worth giving up so much of my time and my energy and stuff like that,” she said. “It’s probably not something I’m going to want to [explore].”

At the end of the day, the content creator just wants to set a good example for her fans — especially when it comes to her romantic relationships. “I have a young following and it’s definitely primarily female,” the model told LS. “I always want to empower those young girls to do whatever they want with their bodies and to make their decisions and not let anyone take that away from them, especially men.”

Something tells us Tana knows what she’s doing when it comes to ~playing the field~.