Friendship goals! YouTube star Tana Mongeau shared a sweet conversation she had with Paris Hilton on November 19, and they’re the dynamic duo we didn’t know we needed. The interaction showed the heiress supporting the MTV star, and it looks like we all need a Paris in our life.

“My mentor don’t play @parishilton,” the 21-year-old captioned a screengrab of their playful chat on her Instagram Story. “[You] should see the s—t we say that I won’t post,” Tana also teased. While we’re definitely intrigued by their confidential gossip, it was awesome to see Paris, 38, so supportive of the up-and-coming starlet.

Tana Mongeau and Paris Hilton Instagram Conversation
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau Instagram

“Love you,” Kim Kardashian‘s BFF wrote in an Instagram DM to the vlogger. “You are so authentic, open and honest. I f—kin love it.” Tana was shook over the outpouring of love and responded, “Paris, I’m framing this. [You] have my heart.”

Tana’s admiration for the iconic party girl goes back quite a ways. She compared herself to the blonde beauty on Twitter back in February 2018. “Paris Hilton’s verified update Twitter just asked me what I think of her song. Does this mean I’m officially generation Z Walmart Paris Hilton?” Jake Paul‘s partner in crime playfully wrote.

However, the two have seemingly become friends and have even been spotted out and about in Los Angeles together. On October 8, the YouTube starlet shared a hilarious story on Twitter while out with the DJ at 2 a.m. “Paris Hilton just out loud said to me, ‘I invented that’s hot and Tana Mongeau invented dizzy,’” she tweeted.

Needless to say, fans are here for their unexpected friendship. “I love that you’re with Paris Hilton,” one person wrote in response. “She’s not wrong,” someone else agreed. “When the f—k did you get this famous?” another user cheekily asked. “Well, s—t if that’s not legend supporting legend,” a user added.

Whether it’s been because of Paris’ guidance or not, Tana’s career has been skyrocketing. Back in October, she wrote a lengthy message to her followers after hitting 5 million subscribers and revealed how far she’s truly come. “Thank you for supporting me through every high, low, mistake, success, miracle and tragedy. Thank you for watching my life unfold as it really does and not some glorified highlight reel and STILL rocking with me. That takes a lot — cause this s–t isn’t always pretty,” she confessed. “It might feel like you’re following ME and MY world, but I truly hope you always know that YOU created this world for me. You created this LIFE for me.”

Tana got very candid and divulged that she hit some serious low points along the way. “I feel like as YouTubers grow or gain a celebrity status, it’s easier to forget milestones like this one … but I can’t look at the number five million without picturing that girl on her parents’ couch, so READY to give up on not only her passions but life itself,” she continued. “Thank you for saving me, every single day but EXPONENTIALLY at five million. No matter what — I always wanna be Tana talking to her camera and all of you. A f–king YOUTUBER! Love you. Thank you for not only five million, but my entire life.”

To Tana and Paris: You’re hot!