Taylor Swift’s Hair in New Russell Westbrook Video Is Proof That OG Taylor Is Back!

The old Taylor Swift is back!

The 27-year-old master hit-maker recently came out of hiding to wish NBA player and longtime Swiftie Russell Westbrook congratulations on being named MVP at the NBA Awards. She recorded a 45-second clip where she made up a funny story about how they met. Not only did the singer express how proud she was of Russell, she also displayed a more natural hairstyle.

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“I was the one who taught you to dribble, to shoot hoops. I remember the first time you beat me at basketball, I was very upset,” she said. “And do you remember? You said, ‘You just have to shake it off.’ And I got an idea. So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers.”

LOL — if only that’s how it really happened. Now, to the naked eye, this might seem like an innocent gesture. But, to the highly trained eye in all things Ms. Taylor Alison Swift there is one small detail that cannot be ignored: her hair. The “Style” singer is recently rocking a new, well, style. She’s swapped her straight bob for her curly locks and its giving us some strong Fearless era vibes, tbh.

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History has a tendency to repeat itself and Taylor is somewhat a creature of habit. The habit, in this case, is changing her look with each album she releases. During her Fearless era, she rocked golden curly locks and princess dresses and during Speak Now she sported more subtle waves and flirtier outfits. Then she made a drastic change with Red by straightening her hair, getting bangs, and wearing red lipstick literally everywhere she went (we swear she slept in it). Her latest album, 1989 showed her greatest change of all when she chopped her hair and began living and dying by crop tops signifying her evolution to a more modern Taylor.

taylor swift hair flip

And now, it looks like the singer is finally coming back to her roots by sticking with the curls that made people fall in love with her in the first place.

Welcome back, Taylor.

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