After the Teen Mom 2 2021 reunion special aired in January of that year, fans got a glimpse at Leah Messer’s ex-husband Corey Simms but haven’t heard much from him since then. 

Leah’s reality TV journey began on 16 and Pregnant when she dated Corey, giving birth to their twins Ali and Aleeah Simms in December 2009. After a few ups and downs in their relationship, Leah and Corey got married in October 2010, only to divorce in June 2011. 

She later moved on with her other ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, tying the knot with him in April 2012 and divorcing him in June 2015. By late 2018, the reality star began dating Jason Jordan but they split in April 2019. In September 2021, Leah started dating current boyfriend Jaylan Mobley

So, what has Corey been up to after things didn’t work out with his ex? Keep reading to learn where he is now. 

Corey Simms Doesn’t Use Social Media 

It’s difficult for Teen Mom fans to catch up with Corey because he hasn’t used Instagram in several years. Upon exiting the show in 2015, the MTV alum doesn’t share much of his life via social media. He also doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter either, as only one unverified account with his name has been silent since 2020. 

Corey Simms Is Still Married to Miranda Patterson

After he and Leah called it quits for good in 2011, Corey later married Miranda Patterson in June 2013. In addition to coparenting his and Leah’s twins, he also shares daughter Remington Simms with Miranda.

The couple appear to still be together in 2022.

Teen Mom 2’s Corey Simms Is Still Happily Married to Wife Miranda and Coparenting With Ex Leah
Courtesy of Corey Simms/Instagram

Corey Simms’ Job

As far as Corey’s career, he works as a meter reader for a local water company, whereas wife Miranda is a retired police officer.  

What Happened With Corey in the ‘Teen Mom 2’ 2021 Reunion? 

During the 2019 reunion, Leah’s ex Jeremy slammed Corey because he didn’t think he was putting in enough effort as a dad. Not only that, but Leah even thought that Miranda’s presence around the kids felt tense. Corey then promptly blasted the two reality stars on Twitter. 

“Miranda has been nothing but great to Ali and Aleeah since the very beginning, constantly making sure that everything the girls need or want they get,” Corey tweeted at the time. “Loving and caring for them unconditionally. The girls never once came to me about any issues of such. And for Mr. Dad of the Year to run his mouth about not going to doctors appointments, how many have you been to there big guy??”

Despite the heated exchange, Corey confirmed that he and Jeremy patched things up by the 2021 reunion. 

“At the time, I was very angry,” the dad of three said in the special. “I didn’t have the chance to stick up for Miranda or myself, so that struck a nerve.” 

Even Jeremy confessed he “overstepped [his] boundaries” and said he had “reached out to Corey three weeks ago.” 

“I apologize for saying what I said,” Jeremy added. 

Corey and Leah Made Arrangements for Their Kids During COVID-19

In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek for a November 2020 episode of TM2, Leah opened up about how she and Corey planned visits during the pandemic. The former MTV star was particularly concerned over daughter Ali’s musical dystrophy condition had she contracted COVID-19. 

“The twins haven’t seen their dad, but Corey and I spoke and came up with a plan,” Leah said in the preview. “It’s very scary that Ali could be exposed to the coronavirus because she does have musical dystrophy, which makes her a part of that vulnerable population. But I trust Corey. We’re raising kids in a split home. They need both units, always, even during a pandemic.”