Get to Know the Actors Who Play Your Favorite Characters on ‘The Umbrella Academy’

If you’re a fan of adventure, comedy, and of course, action, then there’s a strong chance you loved season 1 of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Thankfully, the hit series starring Ellen PageRobert SheehanTom Hopper and more is back for season 2 on Friday, July 31. *Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead.*

In episode 10, “The White Violin,” Vanya Hargreeves (played by Ellen Page), discovered the true extent of her powers. After decades of feeling like an outcast, her anger and resentment culminated in a divisive plan to destroy Earth.

The family’s longtime confidant, Pogo (voiced by Adam Godley), tried to stop Vanya, but ultimately, she ended up impaling him to death. With that, she marched to Icarus Theater in a trance-like state to perform a concert that would kickstart the end of the world.

Basically, the energy created from Vanya’s violin was enough to cause the planet to implode. At first, Vanya’s siblings  — mainly Luther Hargreeves (played by Tom Hopper) — decided the only option was to kill her. However, Vanya’s sister, Allison (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman), refused.

Moments before Vanya’s mission was complete, Alison was given the opportunity to shoot her. Instead, she spared her sister’s life and fired a bullet directly past her ear, causing Vanya to lose focus.

Immediately, Vanya collapsed, and for a moment, everyone thought things were going to be OK. (Emphasis on “for a moment.”) Suddenly, the energy created from Vanya’s violin beamed into the sky, hit the moon and caused a number of moon rocks to plummet into Earth. Explosions and fire ensued shortly thereafter.

Viewers last see all seven members of The Umbrella Academy after Number Five (played by Aidan Gallagher) somehow managed to pull all of them into a time-jump with him.

There’s really no telling which time period the gang ended up in. However, it’s likely they will be given yet another chance to prevent the apocalypse. Here’s hoping The Umbrella Academy succeeds this time around!

To get to know the actors who play your favorite characters on seasons 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy, scroll through the gallery below.