For most of us, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just an excuse to gather around our televisions with friends and fawn over the most beautiful women (and lingerie) in the world. For the models who actually strut down the famed catwalk, however, it’s a different experience entirely — especially when it comes to the after-party!

Speaking with Life & Style, Elsa Hosk, who will be wearing this year’s fantasy bra, gave us an inside look at what goes on after the final bombshell takes her bow.

Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk Wears The 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra
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Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk to wear the $1 million 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra.

“First we go to the after-party, and then it’s like a tradition for the angels we have an after, after-party and it’s all pizza and burgers,” Elsa explained. “It’s just everything — and it’s just us and our closest friends,” she gushed. “I sit for a good hour just eating pizza, because obviously, before the show we cut out anything that’s, like, processed foods. Well, I don’t know how other girls do it, but I do,” the 30-year-old continued.

Umm, pizza, burgers, and angels? Sounds like heaven to us! Also, who can blame Elsa for indulging in a little carbohydrate bliss? After all, rocking the fantasy bra is no easy task. “It’s definitely a lot heavier! You don’t want to move around too much because I feel like I’m gonna break it,” the blonde beauty said of the stunning piece. “You feel this responsibility, like, ‘Oh my God, I gotta make this… I’m wearing this bra, I need to make it live up to its [expectations],'” she added.

Even so, Elsa is more than up to the task. “I’m never nervous until I actually stand there and I’m ready to walk down the runway,” she said. “Then I’m like ‘whoa’ — the nerves kick, you step on the runway, and the nerves disappear… and you’re just trying to own the moment in the music.”

We have no doubt Elsa is absolutely going to slay the runway! You’ve got this, girl.

Make sure to watch the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing on Sunday, Dec. 2, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.