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A truly great gift requires some cleverness, a dose of reflective moments and ultimately tugs at an icon’s heart. We knew we had to pull out all the stops (and the calculators) to crunch the numbers on all the great moments, career milestones and personal successes Toni’s gifted us all with along the way. Not a surprise, there was a lot to cover.


At age 55, Toni admits that her skin tends to be a little drier, so she relies on Nude Sugar Luminous Splendor to renew and restore its’ texture. $45.

Toni Braxton


RHINESTONES on Breathe by Toni Braxton Eau De Parfum packaging that was modeled after her microphone used at her 2000s Vegas residency. $75.

Toni Braxton Nude Sugar


DAYS A WEEK Toni swears by the Luminous Splendor and Sugar Plum Elixir Body Serum from her Nude Sugar collection — it hydrates and evens her skin tone and she swears it helped her “get her booty right”. Luminous Splendor $45, Sugar Plum Elixir Body Serum, $35.

Nude Sugar


PRODUCTS in the Nude Sugar collection including Ulta bestseller, Nude Sugar Refined Sugar Body Mist, $28.

Nude Sugar


YEARS to develop the Nude Sugar collection which includes The Creém — voted one of the Best in Black Beauty for celebrity  launches of 2021. $45.

Nude Sugar