Love At First Sight 

Upon seeing the Spice Girls on TV for the first time in 1997, David Beckham, 48, says he told teammate Gary Neville, “‘See that one there? I’m going to marry that one — the posh one, in the black dress.’” They met when she came to one of his Manchester United matches.

His Darkest Days

The day after learning Victoria was pregnant with Brooklyn in 1998, David got a red card at a World Cup match against Argentina. “The whole country hated me. It changed my life,” says the athlete. Victoria says he suffered from “clinical depression” over the “public bullying.”


Cheating Scandals

From the time he joined Real Madrid in 2003, David was the subject of years of cheating allegations, which he has previously denied. “To see her hurt was incredibly difficult,” he says of Victoria, who calls it “the hardest time” in their marriage.

Odd Hobby

David (who’s also a Lego enthusiast) took up beekeeping in 2020, and debates what to call the
jars of honey he’s selling. “There’s a bit of an argument in the house at the moment,” he says. “I think it should be Golden Bees. Victoria likes DBee’z Sticky Stuff.” 

What They Didn’t Show 

Rumors of discord between Posh and her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz, 28, have swirled since the actress’ wedding to Brooklyn, 24, in 2022, but she recently congratulated Victoria on her latest fashion show. “It’s been rocky,” says a source, “but they seem to have finally made peace.”