It looks like Katy Perry has a thing for dark-haired guys with guitars! On tonight's episode of American Idol, she had zero chill during Trevor Holmes' audition because she was too busy swooning over him. Nicknamed "dreamboat" by Katy's fellow judge Luke Bryan, the singer/songwriter from Thousand Oaks, CA completely charmed Katy with his looks — and he blew the judges away with his voice.

Trevor introduced himself and explained that his main passion is music, but he works part-time as a construction worker to support his mother who suffers from Lupus. But while Trevor was explaining his situation, Katy interrupted him to tell him he was hot.

"Here’s the thing, only hot guys are typically named Trevor. Trevor, he’s hot, he does construction on the side, and he loves his mom," Katy said, explaining why he was such a catch.

The "Swish Swish" singer continued to hit on Trevor, 27, during his audition, inviting him to hang out with her and asking him if he’s engaged — but he does have a girlfriend. Katy seemed smitten with Trevor as soon as he walked into the room, but she completely melted while he performed in front of the judges and of course, he got a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Good thing Trevor’s girlfriend Sierra Nielsen is a good sport! She took to Instagram to share a cute photo of her kissing her man and she shared a very specific message to Katy in the caption. “Sorry guys @lukebryan @katyperry, I already called dibs,” she wrote.

But fans on Twitter are already shipping Trevor and Katy! "If Trevor doesn’t break up with his girlfriend to be with Katy then what are we really here for?" one fan asked, and another fan wrote, "Katy’s thirst for this Trevor guy is exactly how embarrassing I would be for hot guys with guitars if I were a judge on this show." Same!