Nice try, Tristan Thompson. The NBA baller is seemingly trying to cash in on the attention from his cheating scandal by filing for a trademark on an apparel company, but fans are not having it. Khloé Kardashian's loyal followers immediately started trolling the Cavs power forward by offering up names for his potential clothing line, and you just have to applaud their creativity.

After E! reported that Tristan had filed documents to trademark a "stylized letter T" for "athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps being headware, athletic uniforms," fans clapped back with some ideas. "Wth?? Cheaters Inc?" asked one fan. "What you gonna name it? How to get away with cheating???" trolled another. "Is it cheat code?" teased a hater. One fan dubbed the company the official 'f-ck boy' brand" while another asked, "Is it called Bad American? …I’ll see myself out." One person thinks each product should come with a complimentary gift: "It probably comes with a vile of his sperm so all the ladies can have his babies."

However, several more fans weren't in a joking mood at all. As a matter of fact, they were outraged that he would be focusing on something like that when his life is in such turmoil following the big reveal that he had cheated on Khloé with several women while she was pregnant with their first child together. "How about he keeps it in his pants and take care of the kids you have first?" said one fan. "Get back to basics & prioritize family and home," said another. A last insisted, "Tristan not a good time. You should wait a while."

The legal documents are even more proof that Tristan doesn't really care about Khloé or the pain he's caused her. A source revealed that he's actually still seeing his mistress Lani Blair, and even offered her the tickets to his NBA playoff games that were originally intended for Khloé. All we know is that we're sure as hell not buying his crap!