This Instagram Influencer Dresses Up Cocktails With Flowers and It’s Fresh AF

Feeling fresh! Instagram influencer The Unlikely Florist (real name Spencer Falls) has a knack for taking everyday cocktails and dressing them up with gorgeous and bright florals. If you take a scroll through his feed, it’s filled with punches of color and dreamy natural elements. The New Zealand native exclusively spoke with Life & Style about how you can freshen up your own social media aesthetic by sharing some inspiration and helpful tips. Spencer’s career took a very unexpected turn from actor to driving around in a yellow Volkswagon van. “I wasn’t really expecting to become a florist. Or, planning on becoming a florist … The appreciation of my flowers in the community sort of outgrew any sort of want or need or passion for acting at the time,” he admitted. It seems like he found his calling. Keep scrolling to see how he dresses up cocktails!

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