Produced In Partnership With Thomas Herd, Founder Of T1 Advertising 

Nowadays, opening a brick-and-mortar store signifies a brand’s maturity, evidence of a forward-looking vision, healthy optimism, and faith in post-pandemic recovery. Moreover, at the time of rapidly growing online retail spurred by the social restrictions, another retail outlet ventured by a predominantly online business is another sign of confidence in its clients’ loyalty.

Valyou Furniture, a major online furniture manufacturing and trading company is making this critical step by opening its first US mainland flagship store in Las Vegas in November. In contrast to many other home decor and furnishing businesses, Valyou does not outsource production. With Nevada’s manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities, Valyou’s choice for the flagship store could not be more logical. One of the benefits of 100-percent control over production and distribution is Valyou’s lightning-fast reaction to new trends; the manufacturing immediately adapts and rolls out the most current furniture designs.

The company has been using Nevada as its forwarding hub for all 50 states since 2018, and now is the excellent time to make the next move to enhance its physical presence. The Las Vegas store will be Valyou’s third brick-and-mortar and first continental US outlet, the first two being in Hawaii.

Valyou’s flagship store is opening at one of Las Vegas’ leading lifestyle destinations, Tivoli Village. Valyou has selected six elegant brands to represent the product lineup in the store—Mario Capasa, Lemons & Me, Milloze, Foundry, Zoomanity, and Ohdome. By offering multiple brands, the company addresses people from all walks of life and demographics, with the Millenials always been in the company’s sights.

Design and high style accessibility for everyone, not just the privileged minority, is Valyou’s primary mission, along with the core desire to help people live their best lives. The Las Vegas store may well become the island of a stress-free shopping experience and the starting point for making people’s homes loveable and stress-free havens of family and personal safety, as Valyou sees its global mission. For news about the Las Vegas debut and not to miss out on the event, check out Valyou’s easy-to-navigate website.