Someone’s psychic. Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King Edmonds and her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, officially split on October 25 — and it looks as though O.C. OG Vicki Gunvalson predicted the split, according to Bravo TV fans.

“Vicki Gunvalson in 2015: ‘Jim, talk to me in five years when you’re divorced,'” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Five years later …” Another follower dished, “Y’all, I just saw this. Vicki called it.” One user even bestowed some divinity on Vicki based on her comment. “And they thought @vgunvalson was being mean,” they wrote. “She was a prophet.”



Some other fans, despite the ~prophecy~ like wisdom of Ms. Gunvalson, were really saddened by the news. “I’m less sad that the relationship is ending and more sad that Vicki was right,” one fan dished.

In case you missed it all those years ago, the 57-year-old slammed Meghan and Jim’s marriage amid a fight with the 35-year-old during season 10 of the show. “Jim, talk to me in five years when you’re divorced,” Vicki spat during the August 2015 episode. “I feel bad for him; he’s in a bad situation.”

Though, back in 2017, the RHOC star did renege on her comment just a bit. In response to Meghan’s tweet about Vicki’s timeline for her marriage being “almost up,” Vic wrote, “I think I actually gave it [five], and then retracted because it appears you and Jimmy are very happy!”

RHOC Meghan King Edmonds

When news broke that the former St. Louis Cardinals player “engaged in an inappropriate conversation” with another woman in June, the blonde beauty took to Twitter again to share her condolences and apologize for her comments years prior. “I’m so sorry. You are right, YOU did not deserve this,” Vicki wrote.

Jim claimed the transgression didn’t go any further than texting, but it seemed to hurt their relationship enough to cause an even deeper discord within their marriage. On October 25, news broke that the 49-year-old had filed for divorce following a confrontation between himself, Meghan and a longtime employee, with whom he has been accused of cheating. Both Jim and the employee have denied the allegations, according to Us Weekly.