Victoria Beckham was the breakout star of the Netflix docuseries Beckham, about her soccer legend husband, David. Now sources exclusively tell Life & Style that the former Spice Girl wants her turn. “She’s been approached to do her own documentary,” says an insider. Trouble is, rather than chronicling her rise in the music biz, execs want to dive into the marital issues brought up in Beckham. “That subject is closed,” the insider tells Life & Style. “Victoria feels she’s already said everything she’s going to say on the matter.”

She hasn’t said much. In the doc, both Victoria, 49, and David, 48, dismissed cheating rumors, focusing instead on how media reports rocked their marriage. But after the series aired, Rebecca Loos, one of several women who claim to have had sex with Becks, was back at it, doling out lurid tidbits such as finding him in bed with another woman. Which leaves Victoria in a quandary. “She won’t dignify Rebecca’s allegations by addressing them,” says the source. “The less said, the better.”