Celebrity kid Suri Cruise is growing up fast! The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise looks more like her famous parents by the day. But what else do we really know about her?

By all accounts, Suri is living a normal life akin to most 11-year-olds — well, as normal as it can be when your last name is the same as one of the biggest movie stars in the world. And, you know, when paparazzi and the press have been following you since the day you were born.

But in reality, the tween doesn’t have a strong connection to her dad anymore. It’s probably time for a refresher on the bow-wearing brunette, so here’s everything you need to know about Suri in 2017.

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Where does Suri Cruise live?

In her current hometown of LA, Suri goes to school, takes ballet, and does other things girls her age are likely to do. She and her mom briefly relocated to Boston in the summer of 2017 while Katie was attending a Harvard Business School program.

Does Suri Cruise see Tom Cruise?

Her 55-year-old dad hasn’t physically been with her in more than three years. On top of that, he hasn’t celebrated a holiday with his daughter since she was just six years old.

Does Katie Holmes talk about Tom?

Suri’s 38-year-old mom makes a point to avoid talking about Tom at all costs. “Suri has stopped missing him,” a source told Life & Style, adding that the girl only has “distant memories” of the actor. “Katie doesn’t want to bring up his name and have Suri start missing him all over again.”

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Is Scientology to blame for their relationship?

Another insider revealed to Life & Style that Scientology is most likely to blame for the star’s absence from his child’s life. Members are said to be instructed to “disconnect” from friends and family who leave the church, which is what Katie and Suri did after her divorce from Tom in 2012.

Does Tom Cruise want to see his daughter?

A source recently told In Touch that the Mission: Impossible star would like to rebuild his relationship with Suri. “Tom wants to marry for a fourth time and have Suri in his life again because family has become a key priority for him since his mother’s death [in February],” the insider explained. “He was so moved by his mother’s funeral and realized how important family is that he made up his mind. He doesn’t want to lose out on any more time with his daughter.”

Is Suri’s mom Katie Holmes married to Jamie Foxx?

Katie and actor Jamie Foxx finally went public in 2017, after years of keeping their relationship under wraps. The Oscar winner reportedly proposed to the Logan Lucky star in February, but they haven’t tied the knot. “Katie has even worn the ring in front of friends,” a source said, “but she’s always denied that it was an engagement ring.”

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Does Suri Cruise have siblings?

Not yet, but if Katie and Jamie do tie the knot, a source said she hopes to give Suri a brother or sister. Apparently, the Baby Driver star — who has daughters Corinne, 22, and Annalise, 7, from a previous relationship — wants to become a father again, too. “Now she feels like all their time spent hiding was well worth it,” the insider shared. Tom also has two adopted kids — Isabella, 24, and Connor, 22 — from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.