Jamie Lynn Spears is returning to reality TV, except this time, it’s in the U.K. After her short stint on Dancing With the Stars, the actress joined the cast of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! in November 2023. A clip of Jamie’s introduction interview circulated the internet, and fans noticed that her face looked noticeably different, especially her chin.

What Happened to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Chin?

After the official I’m a Celebrity Instagram page shared Jamie’s intro on November 14, people edited the video to make her chin look noticeably larger and masculine. Some fans didn’t realize the clip was altered and were concerned that she got botched cosmetic enhancements.

“now why did her plastic surgeon make her look like jigsaw?” a fan tweeted on November 16, alongside the edited video clip.

While that particular post didn’t display a video alteration warning, other accounts who shared the video had the memo displayed.

As for the original video, fans didn’t comment on her physical appearance. However, they did slam the Zoey 101 star for her choice of words in her introduction.

“My name is Jamie Lynn Spears and I’m best known for being an actress and a singer,” she said.

What Happened to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Chin? Plastic Surgery Rumors

“I think you will find you’re best known for being Britneys sister hunni,” one person wrote in the comment section as another person chimed in, “Actress? What’s she been in? Singer? What did she sing? Oh no she’s Britney Spears sister. Why can’t she just be honest and say that?”

However, some fans backed Jamie’s introduction and some even claimed to not know she was Britney Spears’ younger sister.

“Am I the only one that knew her from zoey 101? Had no idea she was Britneys sister,” a fan asked.

Jamie has yet to publicly address the edited video of her chin or publicly react to her casting on I’m a Celebrity.

Has Jamie Lynn Spears Had Plastic Surgery?

The Sweet Magnolias actress has been accused of going under the knife and getting cosmetic enhancements, but she has yet to publicly confirm or deny the rumors. Jamie has grown up in the spotlight.

In July 2020, Jamie thanked Britney for showing her how to navigate negative chatter and also block it out.

“She went from this small town to become this huge megastar that will always be remembered, and seeing the way she handled it so honestly, to me, that was so brave,” the former Nickelodeon star told Nylon at the time. “She taught me to protect myself. And I think that I learned how to be strong but also keep it honest, and it was 100 percent helpful in every single way.”