Hello, handsome! ABC announced Gerry Turner as The Golden Bachelor’s first lead and fans are not disappointed by the casting choice. As viewers are awaiting the first season, they want to know more about Gerry’s life before he searches for love on ​their TV screens. Keep scrolling to learn more about his job, family life and past relationships.

How Old Is ​The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner?

Gerry is a “charming 71-year-old patriarch from Indiana,” according to his ABC bio. That being said, he has aged like fine wine and fans were shocked to learn how old he is.

The new Bachelor Nation lead shared the Golden Bachelor reveal on his Instagram account on July 17, where fans swooned over his good looks in the comments section.

“Gerry I literally thought you were 52,” one follower admitted, while a second person wrote, “This man is 71 years old… HOW he looks 55-60. Gah dam Gerry you are slaying [sic].”

“How does this man have less gray hair at 72 than I do at 30??” a third fan commented.

Gerry will be looking for love in the right place, and within the right age group! “I think I said 60 to 70, but feel free to blur the lines,” he said ahead of his inaugural season when asked about the “general age range” he requested.

What Is ​The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner’s Job?

Gerry is a retired restaurateur. It’s unknown how many restaurants he owns; however, his future Mrs. will not only have a happy heart but also a full belly!

While he no longer has to work, Gerry lives his life “in his dream house” on a lake in Indiana.

Who Is Gerry Turner? Meet the Lead of 'The Golden Bachelor'
ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

As for his social life, the Golden Bachelor lead likes to engage in physical activities like pickleball, four-wheeling, hosting barbeques for his family and friends and “cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams.”

Was ​The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner Previously Married?

Gerry is a true romantic and relationship type of man. The soon-to-be TV personality wed his high school sweetheart, Toni, in 1974 and experienced 43 beautiful years of marriage together. Toni died in 2017 after she “suddenly fell ill,” according to the ABC press release.

The pair welcomed daughters Angie and Jenny during their decades-long romance and became grandparents to granddaughters Charlee and Payton.

“Six years after Toni’s passing and with the support of his family, Turner is ready to put himself out there and find a love that will stand the test of time in his golden years,” Gerry’s ABC bio reads.

Who Are ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Contestants?

The women who will fight for Gerry’s golden rose have yet to be revealed. However, Gerry did spill about what he’s hoping to find on the show.

“[Producers] ask several questions and some of the things that I said were I’d like someone who enjoys activity [such as] golf or pickleball or some sport and they use that to stay fit,” he said. When asked if he was part of the casting process and decision making, Gerry left that up to the powers at be.

“My wife’s been gone six years — of that six, I’ve dated about four [years], and I wasn’t very good at casting for myself, so I’m happy that I don’t have that job,” he said. “I think that the process that they’ve used in the past and they’ve refined will bring some really fantastic candidates.”

When Does ‘​The Golden Bachelor’ Premiere?

An official premiere date for The Golden Bachelor has not been announced as of publication. However, the new Bachelor spinoff will air in fall 2023 after Dancing With the Stars season 32 on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.