Kacey Musgraves‘ fans want to know more about her ex-boyfriend Cole Schafer, after she dropped her new album Deeper Well on March 15, 2014, which was written in the aftermath of their split.

What Is Cole Schafer’s Job?

“I’m a writer, poet and artist exploring what it means to be creative,” reads the opening page of Cole’s website. He has published three poetry books – One Minute, Please?, After Her and Guillotine under the alias January Black.

Cole offers courses in copywriting, cold email and creative writing via his website. As for his current job, his LinkedIn profile reads, “I write copy for badass brands that reads like poetry and sells like Ogilvy.”

He shared his journey to becoming a writer in a 2023 LinkedIn post.

“Nearly eight years ago, I quit a desk job I was working and immediately set out to become a writer. To foot the bill on my pipe dream, I got part-time work at a place called Paint & Carpet Depot in Evansville, Indiana, for $15/ hour cash.

On his first day, “I arrived alone at a badly dated home with dingy, dilapidated carpet covering all of its 3,000 square feet. For the better part of 5 hours, I tore the carpet from the floor, rolled it into thick burritos, duct-taped its mouth shut, hoisted it over my shoulders and then carried it off to the company van.”

“I spent an entire year of my life like this, laboring away alone in strange homes and apartment buildings. While I didn’t know it at the time, I was developing a crucial (but often overlooked) creative muscle,” he added, while noting the “importance of solitude to the creative process.”

When Did Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer Meet?

The “Star Crossed” singer felt just that when she and Cole’s eyes met inside a crowded New York City restaurant in 2021. Sparks immediately flew and Kacey went on to reveal to The New York Times, “He did not know who I was, which I loved.”

When Did Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer Go Public With Their Romance?

In June 2021, Cole shared an Instagram photo of Kacey sitting on his lap, writing in the caption, “I’m trying like hell not to write about her.”

He couldn’t’ contain himself when she turned 33 in August of that year, writing a gushing birthday tribute.

“Here’s to you looking to your right when you stepped into F***. Here’s to you writing me back,” he wrote next to Polaroids of the pair. “Here’s to your jawline that chaps my lips and your hair I can’t keep my hands out of.”

“Here’s to your aesthetic and your art being a close second to your heart. Here’s to making it through thirty-two and here’s to you making history in thirty-three. It’s been so damn pretty falling for you, Kacey,” Cole added.

Who Is Kacey Musgraves' Ex-Boyfriend Cole Schafer?
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When Did Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer Split?

The pair dated for two seemingly blissful years, sharing adoring photos and messages about each other via social media. Kacey and Cole attended the 2022 Met Gala together as well as the opening night of the Broadway musical Shucked on April 4, 2023.

By November 2023, reports surfaced that the Nashville-based couple had split. Kacey and Cole also stopped following each other on social media.

Kacey hinted she’d written about their split on Deeper Well‘s title track.

“Ultimately, the song sums up where I’m at in my mid-30s and really evaluating what love means to me, what friendships mean to me, what are the things that I need, what is really serving me and not serving me,” she told People on March 13, 2024, adding, “It’s [about] taking stock and making room for the things that actually do really matter.”

She continued, “This life is so short. I think that you have to be a little bit ruthless in removing obstacles for growth. That could mean adjusting your expectations with family members. That could be putting a pause on a friendship. It could be a breakup or dropping a habit that just doesn’t serve you well anymore. It’s being awake enough to be tuned in to paying attention to what the flow of nature is trying to tell you about what you need.”