Now that we’re five episodes in to Dance Moms Season 7B, fans are starting to wonder when new coach Cheryl Burke will be joining the fold. After all, the Dancing With the Stars pro made headlines in March when it was announced that she would be replacing Abby Lee Miller — who’s currently in jail on fraud charges.

Instead, choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, has been overseeing the ALDC team. So what should viewers know about the 48-year-old, who’s currently on a losing streak with the girls? Scroll down to get all your pressing questions answered!

When did Laurieann Gibson start on Dance Moms as the new teacher?

The Canadian stepped in earlier this year after it became apparent that Abby Lee would be spending time behind bars. In the weeks surrounding the announcement that Cheryl was coming to the show, an Entertainment Tonight source revealed that “[Abby] bolted from [filming] three or four episodes,” forcing producers to bring in Laurieann. When the controversial TV personality eventually returned, she allegedly brought with her a list of demands, including that Laurieann be banned from set.

When did Laurieann Gibson work with Michael Jackson?

If you’ve watched the last few episodes of Dance Moms, you know the choreographer used to work with Michael Jackson (she’s only mentioned it five hundred times). But it remains unclear when exactly Laurieann and the King of Pop first crossed paths. After his death, the dancer said, “Working with Michael Jackson, I finally understood that the gift of dance is born in the heavenly realm. He embodied the purest form — the world calls it magic, I call it dance. Michael Jackson will never be duplicated nor replaced.”

What type of choreography does Laurieann Gibson do?

According to her teacher bio on, Laurieann trained at the Alvin Ailey dance company, but segued her background in theater to Hip-Hop, and “has been instrumental in taking Hip-Hop to the next level.”