Fashion influencer and The Real Housewives of New York City star Sai De Silva lives a fabulous life and has a beautiful family that fans met during the season 14 reboot. Sai’s husband, David Craig, made a brief cameo during the premiere, however, fans won’t be seeing too much of the lowkey househusband.

When Did Sai De Silva and David Craig Get Married?

The couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in June 2023 after they tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2009.

Sai and David welcomed their eldest child, daughter London in September 2011 and son Scout six years later.

Although David supports his wife’s career in their personal lives, their little ones are often featured on Sai’s Instagram account and blog.

What is Sai De Silva’s Husband David Craig’s Job?

During David’s brief RHONY cameo and introduction to viewers, Sai explained how they run their modern household in the Brooklyn brownstone.

Who Is RHONY's Sai De Silva's Husband? Meet David Craig
Courtesy of Sai De Silva/ Instagram

David is retired and takes care of their children full-time and manages their stunning home while she runs her chic online empire and brand.

Sai opened up about her husband on a rare occasion in a past Scout in the City blog post, explaining that “He likes his privacy. In a world where we share everything, it’s nice to have something that is private in my life.”

As The Real Housewives of New York City premiere neared, Sai gushed over David’s on-camera debut during a July 2023 appearance on the TODAY show, expressing how it was “going to be a big deal.”

“Everyone’s going to see him. He’s not on social media so he has no idea what people are saying, what anyone is discussing. He’s just showing his face and showing support for his wife,” she said at the time.

David, who doesn’t have social media accounts, may be the Instagram husband behind the lens, but Sai sometimes shares moments between them online – though his face is always out of the frame or covered.

The Bravo star posted not one, but a carousel of paparazzi-style photos with David in January 2023 and the vibes were immaculate. David and Sai looked blissfully in love in front of their private car all while strategically blocking his face.

In one of the photos, Sai was standing perfectly in front of her hubby as she slayed the camera and David’s placed gently in her pants pocket.