The 13 Reasons Why trailer just dropped on Thursday, August 1, and it seems like viewers are in for a crazy, wild ride. The show’s biggest villain Bryce Walker (played by actor Justin Prentice) appears to be dead, but one bigger question that fans have is: who is the British narrator?

So, could this new voice be a new character? Apparently, Ani is her name — played by newcomer Grace Saif — and she appears to be an outsider narrating the lives of Liberty High students. Naturally, people asked on social media about the new arrival. “Wait, who’s the narrator in this trailer? Voice sounds familiar,” one person wrote. A second user added, “There are new characters like the girl cleaning blood off the shirt, and the girl with Ross AND then narrator.”

As fans recall, in season 1, Hannah Baker (played by actor Katherine Langford) was the narrator and explained the reasons why she took her own life. In season 2, 13 different characters told their own stories.

13 reasons why trailer

In the new clip, the main characters are fighting with one another, and then it pans to the final scene: Bryce’s funeral. The jock’s mom pleads with the high schoolers: “I need to know what happened to my son. If any of you know anything,” she said. “Please say something.”

Of course, Justin Foley (played by actor Brandon Flynn), Jessica Davis (played by actor Alisha Boe) and Clay Jensen (played by actor Dylan Minnette) look awfully guilty, but it seems like we won’t be getting answers anytime soon. According to a season summary from Netflix, Clay is involved in the investigation, along with new girl Ani. *Drama.*

Many fans immediately took to social media to share their predictions as to who committed the crime. One person wrote, “My money’s on Montgomery,” while another echoed, “Justin, obviously.” A third chimed in, writing, “Personally, I think Hannah’s ghost did it.”

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It was also announced that the Netflix original will be picked up for a fourth and final season — so it sounds like more questions will pop up until the finale.

13 Reasons Why season 3 will be hitting Netflix Friday, August 23.