Will Moseley is one of the three finalists on season 22 of American Idol. The Georgia native will compete against Abi Carter and Jack Blocker during the finale on May 19, 2024.

Who Is American Idol’s Will Moseley?

Will is a singer from Hazelhurst, Georgia. Despite his incredible talent, Will actually didn’t start pursuing music until he was in college at Maryville College in Tennessee.

“I was on YouTube learning how to play the guitar and someone said, ‘If you sing, it will help your rhythm playing guitar,’” Will shared in an April 2024 interview. He transferred to Georgia Southern University and began making music a full-time hobby because friends started complimenting his voice.

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After graduating from college in May 2023 with a degree in biology, Will said he wanted to give himself one year to see if he could make a career out of music before looking for jobs in his studied field. He auditioned for American Idol that fall with an original song – which went on to land at No. 13 on the Billboard country charts – and the rest is history!

American Idol’s Will Moseley Was a Football Player

Before he started taking music seriously, Will was a college football player at Maryville. He played for two years before ending his athletic career due to repeated concussions.

At that point, he transferred to Georgia Southern to finish college. “Football ended for me and that’s where I really picked up the guitar and started learning to play,” Will explained. “It’s been a blessing in disguise.”

Will Moseley Is a Country Singer

Will favors country music but was never afraid to step outside the box with his American Idol performances. Each week, he embraced the theme of the episodes, putting his gritty country twist on whichever song he was assigned to, from Adele tunes to Disney hits and more.

Fans have often compared Will to successful country star Chris Stapleton, and the rising star said Chris is one of his idols. “He’s the best songwriter of my generation, for sure,” Will gushed. “He’s an absolute freak of nature in that sense. Stapleton is also a great performer and to be able to have a conversation, much less work with the guy, would be amazing.”

American Idol’s Will Moseley on Social Media

Will uses the social media handle @WillMoseleyMusic on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. He has more than 50,000 followers on all three social media platforms.

“This is the only account you should follow or message!” he wrote in an April 2024 Facebook post. “Check the number of followers if it’s not more than 25k it’s not me. You can also scroll down the page and look for prior post [sic] in order! This is my only music page, I don’t have a Manager or a personal fan page! I will NEVER ask for money in messages! Don’t do it! I’m not selling anything we are working on getting verified so that this is no longer an issue!”