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Celebrities Caught Wearing the Same Dress — See Who Came Out on Top and Who Should Stop Raiding J.Lo’s Closet

When stars wear the same outfits, it’s sometimes a little embarrassing. After all, everyone wants to be the first, the OG. No one wants to be that person last to the party who’s wearing the same dress as someone else. The horror! Not to mention the countless comparisons people will make as everyone ponders, “Who looks better? Jennifer Lopez or Mama June?” (Just Kidding about Mama June.)

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But there’s a lot of good things that come from celebrities wearing the same gowns. For one, it really puts fashion in perspective. Just like how outfits look different on the runway than they do in the real world, the same goes for famous folks. Not to mention you also have to put height, weight, figure, shape, and other factors into consideration to figure out exactly how a dress might look on a particular body type. If you have a square-shaped body like Khloé Kardashian, your dresses are going to fit entirely different than if you have a body like, say, Taylor Swift.

And so that’s where we come in! We crawled through our archives to find pics of all the celebrities who wore the same dress as someone else this year. Then we pitted them against each other in a battle royale of fashion. Those who came out on top got a sassy thumbs up, and those who came up short got an embarrassing thumbs down (looking at you, Paris Hilton).

Check out the gallery below to see stars that have the same taste in fashion, and see who wore it better!