Although Siesta Key fans grew to adore Juliette Porter and Sam Logan‘s relationship on the hit reality series, the MTV couple is no longer together today. That said, viewers are still wondering why the Florida natives called it quits after less than two years. Keep reading to learn more about Juliette and Sam’s breakup! 

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan Smile Together
Courtesy Juliette Porter/Instagram

Why did Juliette and Sam split?

As it stands, the exact reason for their breakup remains unknown. However, Juliette assured viewers will be getting a front-row seat to their split on season 4B of Siesta Key.

“The whole breakup is going to be on this season. You actually see from the beginning of when the crack started to form, that’s when you really start to see it all,” Juliette revealed to Life & Style in an exclusive March video interview. “I think right before we started filming, we were kind of OK — or we were pushing our problems to the side — but then they really started when we started filming. So, yeah, you see the entire breakup.”

Juliette, who has since moved on with boyfriend Clark Drum, went on to admit that it was “hard” to film her relationship coming to an end. “I kind of just accepted my reality and I think it was important to film because nothing’s ever perfect,” she explained. “I really thought he was amazing for a while and he’s going to be amazing to someone someday, but he was never Prince Charming.”

Where do Juliette and Sam stand today?

Even if they’re no longer together, Juliette insisted there’s no bad blood between them … not really, anyway. “I think the last time we spoke may have been after we stopped filming,” she said. “I think we’re fine. We don’t ever talk or communicate, but I’m not going to throw a drink at him if I see him out somewhere. I guess I’ll say hi every time he sees me, he comes up to me and says hi, and I’m like, ‘Hi, why are we acting like this is normal?'”

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