What went wrong … ? Siesta Key star Juliette Porter was so happy to be joined by boyfriend Sam Logan during his MTV debut on season 4, but their relationship went south. Some fans are wondering: What happened between Juliette and Sam, and are they still together? Juliette dishes in an exclusive video interview with Life & Style where the pair stands today. 

“I think we’re fine. We don’t ever talk or communicate, but I’m not going to throw a drink at him if I see him out somewhere,” the MTV personality, who has since moved on with boyfriend Clark Drum, says.

“I think the last time we spoke may have been after we stopped filming. The whole breakup is going to be on this season. You actually see from the beginning of when the crack started to form, that’s when you really start to see it all,” Juliette details. “I think right before we started filming, we were kind of OK — or we were pushing our problems to the side — but then they really started when we started filming. So, yeah, you see the entire breakup.”

Are Siesta Key's Juliette Porter and Sam Logan Still Together?
Courtesy Juliette Porter/Instagram

Although Juliette admits it was “hard” to film the dissolution of her relationship with Sam, she managed to push through. “I kind of just accepted my reality and I think it was important to film because nothing’s ever perfect,” she explains. “I really thought he was amazing for a while and he’s going to be amazing to someone someday, but he was never Prince Charming.”

Sam confirmed their split in August 2021 after some ups and downs during the MTV reality show after fans called him out for partying with bikini-clad girls. ”I’m single,” he replied to a follower via Instagram. “You freaks chill out and let me live my life.” The duo was together for less than two years.

Although Juliette has remained relatively hush-hush about her and Sam’s breakup, it sounds like viewers will have a front-row seat to what went wrong during season 4B of Siesta Key. A trailer for the reality show, which dropped on February 22, showed the former couple arguing quite a bit and accusing each other of cheating.

Season 4 was Sam’s debut as a Siesta Key cast member, and Juliette acknowledged filming was “hard” on the reality TV newbie.

“Filming together — filming with anyone — affects your friendships, your relationships. It’s hard in everything we do,” the model explained in a previous interview with Life & Style. “It just makes things uncomfortable, and people really get in their heads about how they’re viewed, how they’ll look, what people will think of them. So, that’s definitely hard.”

She encouraged Sam to not “be afraid of the cameras” and “open up” so viewers could see the “real” him.

“He’s not hiding anything that the camera catches, and he’s not secretive,” Juliette said about her then-boyfriend, adding he “doesn’t cheat” on her. “Those are things that I told him from the beginning. I’m like, ‘Just don’t lie about anything and you’ll be good. Because they’re going to find out, don’t try to hide anything from the cameras. They catch it all.’” However, it seems like new episodes may bring some secrets between the two to light.

The Florida native’s past boyfriends include former Siesta Key costar Alex Kompothecras and Bachelor Nation alum Robby Hayes. Season 3 documented her tumultuous split from the former Bachelorette contestant, and she began dating Sam shortly after season 3A finished.

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