True love in the time of … Photoshop? Some internet users have claimed that Kim Kardashian edited Pete Davidson‘s face in her Instagram post shared on Monday, April 11.

“Late nite snack,” the Hulu star, 41, captioned a series of two photos in which she and the comedian, 28, were all loved up while enjoying some pizza. While some followers took to the comments section to share their undying love for the couple, others — once again — accused Kim of Photoshopping her pictures.

“Why does Pete not look like himself? Did Kim Photoshop him or did he glow up,” one fan shared on Twitter. Another wrote, “The Photoshop is so obvious on Pete hahahahaha.”

On April 13, the @problematicfame Instagram account shared a screenshot of the image via Stories alongside another picture of Pete’s side-profile. “Reality,” the caption read. “Instagram.” The account seemingly alluded to the fact that his jaw appeared to look different.

Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Pete Davidson's Chin? Here's Why the Internet Thinks So
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

One Twitter user replied to a screenshot of the Instagram Story and wrote, “Personally, I would love it and welcome the Kardashians’ to do that to me.”

This isn’t the first time internet users have accused Kim of Photoshopping a picture with Pete. When the couple made their Instagram debut on March 11, eagle-eyed followers appeared to notice a major change between the Instagram photo and the one shared via Twitter, which has since been deleted.

In the snaps, the Skims founder and Saturday Night Live star both appeared to be puckering their lips at each other. “Kim posted this photo on Instagram and Twitter you see the difference?” one Instagram user shared, noting that the patterned carpet shown in the Twitter picture was seemingly changed to a solid color for Instagram.

“The carpet 😂😂. I just noticed it,” another follower commented. One person defended the reality star, writing, “Maybe she decided the carpet in picture 2 looked too cheesy. It is actually awful looking. Picture 1 much better.”

Following that picture debacle, Kim was also accused of photoshopping a Skims ad featuring . “Appalled to see the amount of Photoshop done to Tyra Banks’ body in Kim Kardashian’s new Skims and campaign,” the same @problematicfame account claimed on April 4. “For a brand that prides themselves on body positivity and inclusivity, this is low. In what world does editing Tyra’s body into a clone of Kim’s endorse any sort of body positivity and inclusivity?”

Days later, Kim shared a photo of herself modeling Skims and followers took to the comments wondering if she had edited this photo too. “I don’t understand why they all do this to their photos. … They’re fine without all the edits,” one person wrote.

Kim, for her part, has not addressed any Photoshop accusations.