Speaking her truth. Kourtney Kardashian had a major realization about her relationship with her sisters during the season 19 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Thursday, September 17.

After taking a trip to Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles with her Poosh.com team and best friend Stephanie Shephard, Kourtney, 41, said she didn’t “really realize” that she’s not “affectionate with just anybody,” including members of her famous family.

“Now that I’ve been here, I never realized it,” the mother of three, who shares children Mason, Penelope and Reign with ex Scott Disick, told Stephanie. “’Cause I’m super cuddly with my boyfriend, you know, or my kids.”

During Kourtney’s confessional, she continued, “I don’t really remember being, like, cuddly with my mom. I know our parents would sit on our bed, I think, and read us books. I’m, like, in bed with my kids, under the covers, scratching backs and singing songs. I just have a different memory.”

The California native went on to admit that the idea of giving her sisters “a simple hug” is “so not normal.” Moreover, Kourtney said it would be “uncomfortable” and “awkward” for her. “We’re just not very affectionate. Are any of my sisters, like, lying in bed, cuddling with each other?”

Later in the episode, Kourtney, Stephanie and Kendall Jenner grabbed lunch together to discuss what happened at Cuddle Sanctuary. “I can’t believe you did that. I would never be able to do that,” the longtime supermodel, 24, said, to which Kourtney replied, “No, because I think I’m super cuddly with, like, a boyfriend or with my kids … but in our family, we’re not like cuddly with each other.”

Kendall echoed that she’s not “a touchy” person and Kourtney agreed. “None of us are …  because do you remember cuddling with mom, really?” Kendall added that it took her “a really long time” to be able to cuddle with a boyfriend. “When I was younger especially, I was very … I don’t know. I had a weird thing.”

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