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Brat PackA Guide to the Next Gen Kids Roaming the Runways and Dating 30-Year-Old Reality Stars

If you feel lost about why Sofia Richie is famous, please know that you're not alone. It feels as though every day there's some new model backpacking on the fame of the Jenner sisters (or the fame of their celebrity parents). But even though we know the name and we see the face, we still find ourselves wondering, "Who are all these kids that are just wasting their youth on Scott Disick? And also, why do we care?"

Well, we can't answer the second part; once a spotlight is put on someone and their social media accounts, it's hard to shake off. What matters is that we do care, so it's good to know how exactly they became A Thing. Scroll down for a very quick rundown of nascent celebs who seem to have inexplicably burst into our lives out of nowhere.