Get ready American Idol fans because the singing competition is returning to ABC on March 11, and there is already one potential breakout star everyone should have on their radar. His name is Will Supple and part of his audition is already going for viral — although it’s not because of anything he sang.

American Idol judge Katy Perry asked Will if he had any special talents to which he admitted he can quote the entire Mean Girls movie from start to finish. Katy then proceeded to show him her own secret talent which mainly consisted of puffing out part of her neck so she looked like a giant bullfrog.

katy perry bullfrog

Judging by Will’s face, it’s safe to say he was impressed. But, there is a lot more to know about Will than just his love for Mean Girls. Keep scrolling and find out more about American Idol contestant!

will supple reaction

Will is part of Boston College’s acapella group.

After doing a little bit of digging on Will’s social media, fans won’t be too surprised to hear that he plays a major part in his college’s acapella group called, The Bostonians of Boston College. Most recently, he shared a video of himself singing the lead in the group’s rendition of “Side to Side.”

He captioned the footage, “I’ve never posted a video of me singing on Instagram….. UNTIL NOW #wow #youdidit #brave #inspiring #teachmeyourways @bcbostonians.”

Will is super family oriented.

Acapella isn’t the only thing that’s important to him and by just glancing at the American Idol contestant’s Instagram, fans can see he loves hanging out and goofing around with his family. He has shared photos of his parents, his sister, and actually brought his brother to the AI audition. The pair couldn’t help but take a fun selfie together posing as “unimpressed judges.”

He captioned the photo, “Am I on @americanidol as a contestant?
OR are @supplethighs and I BOTH on it as unimpressed judges?
Guess you’ll have to watch this season to find out! Starting ONE WEEK from tonight ?#TheNextIdol #ABC #AmericanIdol

Will has a relatable sense of humor.

While Will might joke around with his family and friends in real life, he also portrays that same goofy sense of humor on his social media. Proving that he’s not only loved American Idol since his youth but also that he can’t go a day without a bit of sarcasm, he captioned this photo, “When you’re having a good day but then you remember that Katharine McPhee lost American Idol Season 5 to Taylor Hicks ?.”