He’s OK! On Saturday, March 23, Zayn Malik took to Twitter to share a self-critical message with fans. “I’d like [to] apologize for basically being a s–t person,” the former One Direction singer, 26, wrote, in addition to sharing a solemn selfie.

Thankfully, on Sunday, March 24, Zayn took to the platform once again, but this time, to clarify that he’s doing just fine! “Currently happy, could be happier. Thanks for all the love and thoughts yesterday, [I] just had a vent. Ha x,” he wrote.

Zayn Tweet

No worries, Z … we’ve all been there a time or two. Unfortunately, however, given the magnitude of Zayn’s fanbase, his tweets caused a lot of panic — especially because he deleted them. “I cannot go to sleep thinking about Zayn’s tweet. Where did it go?” one user wrote. “Patiently sitting here waiting for Zayn to tweet again,” added another.

A tweet from Zayn Malik.

A lot of Zayn’s followers assumed that his vulnerable moment might have had something to do with his longtime girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. ICYMI: The A-list couple is notorious for breaking up and making up, so it’s hardly outlandish to think that the lovebirds got into an argument. 

That said, a source recently confirmed to Life & Style that the pair is back on. “Zayn bombarded Gigi with flowers and romantic gestures after they split,” the source revealed. “At first Gigi remained strong, but she’s given in to his pleas and wants to give their relationship another shot.”

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To be honest, we don’t blame the supermodel, 23. After all, they seem to have a seriously powerful connection. Plus, Zayn legit tattooed Gigi’s eyes on his chest. If that doesn’t say everlasting love, we don’t know what does.

Here’s hoping that British babe’s little vent session was nothing more than just a man ~in his feelings.~ To all the Zayn stans out there, you can breathe easy!