In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode of 1000-Lb. Best FriendsVannessa Cross goes to see bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter Jr. in hopes that she’s closer to being a candidate for weight loss surgery, only to have her hopes dashed by discovering she weighs even more than she did during her last visit six months prior.

The doctor, who has made appearances on TLC’s Too Large and 1000-Lb. Sisters, had previously told Vannessa that she needed to get under 400 pounds if he was to do the procedure. She headed into his office, joined by her oldest son Jacob, as Dr. Procter said to her, “It’s been a little while,” adding, “I didn’t know that I would see you again. What brings you in today?”

“I’ve started a diet and I’m wanting to lose the weight,” she explained before asking the physician if he would be interested in still being her doctor. But he tells her, “It’s not about you proving anything to me. It’s about you proving it to yourself.” Dr. Procter then wanted to weigh Vanessa to see where she was at since the last time he saw her six months ago.

“When I first saw Dr. Procter, my weight was 446 pounds,” Vannessa told producers. “Last time I saw him, I was only 427. He gave me the goal to get under 400 pounds, but I’ve spent most of the time since ignoring my diet.”

“I get up on the scale today, and I’m nervous. I’ve f—ked up so much,” she explained as the scale showed her weight at 441.6 pounds. “Over 440 pounds is a massive blow to the head. I made progress doing good, and then, I just threw it all away,” Vannessa heartbreakingly confessed.

Dr. Procter delivered the news to Vannessa, “I wanted you down below 400, so you’re nowhere near ready for surgery.” This has her frustrated over gaining back the weight she’d lost and being even further away from being a potential bariatric surgery candidate.

“I got to a point where I gave up. I didn’t care about myself, I didn’t care about him [Jacob], I didn’t care about anybody. I was ready to give it all up and be as big as I want,” Vannessa emotionally explained to her doctor. She added, “I started realizing, my grandfather died at 51. My mother died at 51. I’m already 42, fixing to be 43 years old, that only gives me seven years.” Dr. Procter then ominously warned her, “You’re not going to be around a whole lot longer,” unless she makes some serious changes.

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