It looks like Abby Lee Miller will be good in no time! The 52-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 17, to reveal she’s undergoing knee surgery.

“Hey, everybody. This is it. Another surgery,” she said in the clip. “You know, I’ve had three knee surgeries before, and I’ve been putting off this total knee replacement for about 7 years, 8 years now. It was always ‘one more episode,’ ‘one more season,’ ‘another special’ … So, the time has come.”

She continued, “Hopefully, Dr. Young is not going to just put a new knee in but maybe like a robotic supersonic knee, so that I don’t just maybe walk; I can hop, and I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Be praying for me.”

The Dance Moms star also took to the caption to share her positive perspective. “Everyone’s replaceable — EVEN MY RIGHT KNEE! No makeup, no hair, don’t care — I’m on my way into surgery. Keep me in your prayers!” she wrote.


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Earlier this month, Abby fell off her wheelchair at the airport and expressed her frustration on social media. Fortunately, she had help getting up from the floor.

“Help! ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’ Isn’t that the truth?” the reality star wrote as a caption on a photo of her on the floor. “Let’s just say my transfer from the Isle Chair to my own chair didn’t go so well! The move should’ve happened on the bridge like usual and not in front of a hundred people waiting to board, I shouldn’t have had to ask for someone to call the paramedics and maybe the @americanair Gate Mgr [sic] should’ve at the very least asked if I was ok? Thank you to all the Pgh international Airport Escorts that were so very kind and the hot firemen who swiftly got me on my feet, into my chair and on my way!!!”

Hopefully, this won’t be an issue after the surgery. We wish you a speedy recovery, Abby!