It’s the hard-knock life! Abby Lee Miller‘s new reality is hitting her hard. The former Dance Moms star is currently serving her 366-day prison sentence and that includes spending her 51st birthday behind bars.

Abby’s celebration will be low-key, to say the least. It is being reported that her prison has suspended visitations, so it looks like she won’t be receiving any special birthday guests. We also got a look at her birthday menu and yikes! Watch the video below for more details about her big day.

Before leaving to serve her time, she expressed fear “of the unknown” and showed concern over her health. Sources revealed to Life & Style that life behind bars has been even tougher than the reality star imagined.

“She has these fits of hysterical crying. A very good friend of mine described it as ‘bats–t crazy crying.’ She’s been cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, and showers,” former Victorville inmate Holli Coulman said. “The staff shine flashlights in her face and make comments, and the inmates want to see her taken down a peg.”

Apparently, Abby is disliked by inmates and staff alike because of her reputation as a diva. Her attitude has gotten her stuck with demeaning chores and harsh treatment, and to make matters worse she has little privacy because she has yet to be assigned a roommate. So, she’s forced to sleep in a multi-purpose room.

abby lee miller

“It’s not in the bunk area,” Holli continued. “It’s a very wide-open place, so people can just walk in and gawk at her. They call that room the fishbowl, and a lot of people can come in just to stare at her.”

But, there is one bright side to her newfound prison home: some of the inmates are interested in taking dance lessons. “The very young [inmates] want her to teach them how to dance,” Holli added. “She can teach a dance class outside, in the dirt, and a lot of people will take it.” Now, that would be an interesting sight!