YouTube's cutest family is growing! The ACE Family, consisting of Catherine Paiz, Austin McBroom, and their absolutely adorable almost-two-year-old daughter Elle Lively McBroom, told the world that they're expecting baby No. 2 on Feb. 6, and we dare you not to bawl during the emotional reveal video.

The video is super real and raw, showing that even gorgeous influencers deal with fertility struggles and doubt. Catherine starts off in the CVS parking lot, crying after buying some pregnancy tests. She's emotional because even though she thought she was pregnant a few times recently, the tests keep coming back negative. However, she says this time feels different, and it was! Back in her bathroom, she sobs and thanks God for blessing her with another child.

That's when she calls Elle into the bathroom to tell her that mommy has another baby in her tummy, and the toddler looks thrilled to be getting a little brother or sister! The duo teams up to tell daddy Austin, and his face when he finds out is priceless. The moment is just so touching. When little Elle asks why he's crying, he simply says "daddy's crying because he's happy!" Cue the waterworks!

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God has blessed us with a new addition to the family ♥️

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Many fans are actually concerned that the new baby will change the name of the 4.8-million subscriber channel. Right now, ACE stands for Austin, Catherine, and Elle, but soon they'll have to add another initial to the mix! "What will happen to your name? It won't be ACE anymore and new intro soon!" said one fan. We can't wait to find out!