Alexa PenaVega and Son Ocean
Courtesy of Alexa PenaVega/Instagram

Kids will be kids! While Alexa PenaVega‘s oldest child, Ocean, is fan of his mom’s movie Spy Kids, “he’s actually obsessed with [The Adventures of] Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” the actress, 31, exclusively tells Life & Style.

“I was like ‘What the heck? You’re supposed to like Spy Kids over Sharkboy and Lavagirl!'” the Spy Kids alum continues. “But no, he loves Taylor Dooley in Sharkboy and Lavagirl.”

On the bright side, Ocean, whom Alexa shares with husband Carlos PenaVega, does technically enjoy Spy Kids. “So Ocean watched Spy Kids, and it was really funny,” she reveals. “He likes the third one because it’s all based in a video game, and it’s a little more cartoon-y, so I felt that one was easier for him to watch. I want him to love them! I really do!”

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega and Their Kids
Courtesy of Alexa PenaVega/Instagram

Ocean also admires his dad’s work. Carlos starred in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush, which aired from 2009-2013. Alexa “has him watching” the show now. “He actually really enjoys it,” she says about her toddler. “He totally knows that it’s daddy, which is hilarious. He does not know that that is me in Spy Kids — he can not understand that at all yet!”

Alexa and Carlos, who got married in 2014, also share 10-month-old son Kingston. Considering Alexa hasn’t been a mom of two for long, she is still adjusting to watching her sons’ dynamic. “Kingston is so tough,” she explains. “It’s really interesting seeing him with Ocean because Ocean, you know when you raise your first kid, everything is new and it’s exciting and he only has us. Kingston has an older brother that he gets to play with, so Ocean is pushing him around and wrestling with him, so he’s toughening up very quickly. But their personalities could not be more different, and I think that’s what’s really exciting for us to watch.”

When asked how the couple are adjusting to quarantining together in Hawaii amid the coronavirus pandemic, Alexa and Carlos couldn’t be doing better.

“We do absolutely everything together and we’ve never understood — and this is not putting other couples down — we just never understood when couples needed a break from each other,” she divulges. “We’ve grown even more than before, and we’ve had kind of just the most amazing breakthroughs together as parents. I mean it’s been a really beautiful, awesome time. I would say this has actually been the opposite of difficult. It’s been really beautiful.”

These two are couple goals!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper