Sure, avocados are wonderfully full of healthy fats, but have you ever tried to cut one of those bad boys open? Or even worse, remove the seed?! It's not an easy task. They’re basically dragon eggs. Sadly, nobody is more aware of that fact than former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

The 31-year-old sustained a rather serious injury after attempting to cut open one of God’s most delicious guacamole ingredients. So serious, in fact, she had to get surgery! After revealing on June 5 that an avocado "ran off with her finger," the former reality star took to Instagram two days later to assure fans that she was OK.

“Successful surgery! Tendons and nerves have been reunited. Thanks for all the sweet messages. If only the avocado had been so kind. But seriously y’all are the best!" she wrote.

The comment section was full of support. You wouldn’t believe how relatable an avocado injury is in 2018! “Happened to me a few years ago! Nine stitches and minor nerve damage. I still refuse to cut avocados!” one user wrote. “OMG, me too! Right on my middle finger. Now it’s hard to flip people off. All because of trying to get that damn avocado seed out,” commented another.

Some words of advice: Just buy premade guacamole and get avocado toast from an over-priced restaurant like a normal millennial. Just because Antoni from Queer Eye can handle an avocado in his sleep, doesn’t mean the rest of us are equipped with such skill. Ugh, isn’t he so dreamy? Anyway, be safe, avo-lovers.