We’re used to seeing broken hearts on The Bachelorette — but it looks like someone hurt way more than their heart during the show’s fourteenth season! On tonight's episode, viewers saw David being taken away on stretcher to the hospital. However, despite the trailer hinting another contestant was to blame for his injuries, his wounds were self-inflicted after he fell off his bunk bed and landed on his face. Ouch! Keep reading for more details on what happened to David on this week's episode of The Bachelorette.

“I woke up to Blake, like, screaming David’s name. And he’s just, like, laying there on the ground," Colton said on the show before Lincoln added, "I just see David slumped on the ground. There was blood everywhere. None of us knew if he was going to make it." Luckily, after host Chris Harrison breaks the news to Becca Kufrin, it was revealed that he is doing OK and will be back in the competition as soon as he heals. #Blessed. We need someone to call out male model Jordan.

Eagle-eyed viewers first realized it was David when a preview of the injury was shown in a trailer for Becca's season — and it was all thanks to his underwear! Apparently during Night 2’s tuxedo scene (you know, where the guys in the marriage material obstacle course stripped down and put on tuxes only to get them super dirty in an obstacle course?!), David was rocking smiley face boxer briefs — which were also a part of MeUndies’ subscription box and what the "victim" was wearing in the stretcher.

Unfortunately, Chicken-Suit-David isn't the only one to go to the hospital — as Clay Harbor is also whisked away in an ambulance after breaking his wrist during a casual game of football during a group date (before you ask, yes, this is the same Clay who played in the NFL for years…).

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