She’s the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island and don’t you forget it! Angelina Pivarnick from Jersey Shore may have only spent a brief amount of time as a J.S. roomie — before grabbing her trash bags and moving along — but, boy, was she memorable. Between her biting one-liners and unwavering confidence, Angelina truly is proof that a guido slinging insults is no match for a scorned woman with a killer spray tan.

That fact was never made more apparent than in Season 2, Episode 9, where — thanks to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s anger issues and obsession with cleaning — the show’s strangest (yet most effective) nickname was born: dirty little hamster.

angelina jersey shore dirty little hamster

Fortunately, Angelina has moved past it. Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, the 31-year-old explained how she’s turning a negative into a positive. “You know what? I’m embracing it,” she shared. “I am a dirty little hamster! I love hamsters now. Hey, if you wanna call me this and that ‘Staten Island dump,’ I don’t care! When you embrace stuff, people can’t go in on you.”

It’s clear that with Angelina, age comes wisdom, but in honor of the brunette beauty returning to Jersey Shore Family Vacation on May 24, we decided to take a walk down memory lane and revisit where her misnomer began.

In an episode, titled “Dirty Pad,” tensions in the house between Angelina and the other roommates were growing by the second — particularly between Ang and The Situation. For some reason, Mike designated himself “Chairman of the Cleaning Police” and didn’t think Angelina was pulling her fair share of the weight. Beyond that, she apparently left a “dirty pad” on the floor, which really set him off! Men trying to understand feminine hygiene products never ends well, TBH.

The tension came to a head during a heated living room argument. Angelina was minding her own business (like, for real), when Mike decided to start stirring the pot in front of two of her guests. Ang claimed that “she cleaned all morning,” while Mike insisted that he’s the one who’s been playing housekeeper. Finally, he started screaming incoherently about “the pad,” which he also referred to as a “tampon” (because to a dude, yeah, that’s the same thing), and thus an iconic Jersey Shore line came to be.

Naturally, Ang fired back, calling him “Popeye on crack” — which, to be fair, was very accurate at the time. The beef was seemingly squashed by the end of the episode, but much like the I.F.F., dirty little hamster will never be forgotten.

Be sure to tune in to Jersey Shore Family Vacation on May 24 at 8 p.m. EST, where Angelina will be rejoining her old roommates for some nostalgia, and of course, lots of drama.