Just months after Angelina Pivarnick met her biological dad, Alfred Williams, for the first time, the two had an apparent falling out, which was documented on the Thursday, February 15, episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

“The last few weeks of my life have not been good,” Angelina, 37, admitted. “I just met my real father three months ago and I thought this was the start of something great. But things have spiraled out of control.”

The reality star met up with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, to fill them in on what happened. The issues in Angelina’s relationship with Alfred stemmed from conversations about money.

“Everything just, like, got weird,” she recalled. “The night I met him, he grabs my watch and he’s like, ‘Is that a Rolex?’ I really didn’t want to think anything of it. But then his dog had this big infection and he was saying he didn’t have money for the dog. So I took him to the vet that I go to and it was $1,000. He was like, ‘Angelina, can you help me?’ One week later, he has a car that’s not working anymore. So he’s like, ‘Can you hook me up?’”

Angelina went on to recount other situations when Alfred asked her for money. She read text messages from her father that said, “I need to come up with $2,400 on the day of the court hearing” and “My rent is $1,560 but he has raised it to $1,700.” She also claimed that Alfred asked her for free tickets to the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

“Every time I spoke to him it would be something new,” she told Mike, 41, and Lauren, 39. “He texted me last night – look at that – asking me for $1,200. I’m sorry, but I don’t know you yet. I don’t even know you.”

On a season 6 episode of Jersey Shore in 2023, Angelina took a DNA test and found out that the man whom she knew as her father was not her biological dad. The show’s season 7 premiere on February 8, featured her first meeting with Alfred, as well as her half sister and other family members from her biological dad’s side.

“I’m not trying to say he’s a bad guy, it’s just like … it’s just been so hard for me,” she admitted. “I really do feel like I got the s–t end of the stick. Here I am. I was just trying to get to know him and he saw dollar signs.”

Mike and Lauren pointed out that Alfred was still a “stranger” and urged the Staten Island native to get to know him before lending him any money. “I have a policy. I don’t give money to any family member,” Mike said. “That’s what I say [to them]. I don’t need to give anyone money for them to be there for me. It’s important to be firm and have principles. Just be like, ‘Do not contact me for money ever again. If you’d like to have a relationship with your daughter, I’ll be here for you when you’re ready. Love you.’”

Angelina sent the text but was admittedly still worried about what might happen. “I’m so stressed out,” she shared. “I lost so much weight. Never in a million years did I think things were going to turn out like this. I cry every day.”