Going strong! Despite some recent family drama, Kris Jenner and her longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble, are still the picture-perfect couple. 

“Kris and Corey are doing great,” a source gushed to Us Weekly. “Corey is really in love and obsessed with Kris. He always tries to make her happy and be supportive of her.” Phew! It’s a relief to hear that the KUWTK matriarch, 63, and her man have seemingly moved on from Corey’s (super) intense fight with Scott Disick

Kris Jenner and boyfriend, Corey Gamble, step out for Paris Fashion Week

ICYMI: During a heated family dinner, Scott, 36, blew up at Corey, 38, over comments he made regarding the Flip It Like Disick star’s daughter, Penelope“If P scratch me … I’m whipping her ass,” Corey declared, to which Scott replied angrily, “My daughter?”

From there, things escalated fast. While none of the Kar-Jenner kids were negatively impacted by Scott and Corey’s confrontation, Kris was definitely in a difficult position.

“Of course Kris feels like she’s stuck in the middle, but what else is new?” an insider told In Touch. “Kris trusts Corey, she’s not upset with him, but she did tell him to choose his words more carefully, and a good rule to follow is that her grandkids are off-limits.”

Kris Jenner

Thankfully, the situation didn’t lead to any long-standing beef between Scott and Corey. Although, The Lord did need some time to process. “Scott doesn’t like letting anyone get in his lane, and that’s exactly what he feels Corey did to him,” the source told the publication.

“Scott likes Corey, he likes that he looks out for Kris and the family’s best interest, but he didn’t appreciate him sticking his two cents in where it didn’t belong. Corey saying that his daughter Penelope might need a ‘whipping’ was the wrong thing to say. Scott lost it and for good reason.”

Corey’s opinions on child-rearing aside, Scott and ex Kourtney Kardashian continue to be criticized for their parenting style, particularly when it comes to disciplining their children. Thankfully, Khloé Kardashian recently took to Twitter to defend the coparents.

“When it comes to discipline and your children … no one should judge. Everyone should do what’s best for their family,” Koko, 35, wrote. “We all may parent differently but I would always respect how my sisters choose to discipline.”

Well said! Here’s hoping Corey caught wind of Khloé’s message and never crosses that boundary again.

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