Fangirling at its finest! Ashely Benson revealed she is the biggest Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan. The 29-year-old loves them so much that she considers herself to be one of them and even confessed to following them around. Gotta love her honesty, right?!

“I think I’m an Olsen twin,” she told Women’s Wear Daily in an interview published on Tuesday, July 16. “I try to find out where they are at all times in New York. This is so weird and stalker-ish — I know a few places where they hang out so I go there to see if they’re there — I’ve never had luck yet.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Matt Winkelmeyer/MG19/Getty Images

Aside from being a fan of the famous sisters, both 33, the Pretty Little Liars alum also admires their personal styles. “I’m obsessed with their clothes, their lines, if I could do a collaboration with them — which would never happen — it would be my dream,” she confessed. “They are my fashion icons.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley launched The Row, a luxury clothing line, in 2006, making them literal fashion designers, so it’s no surprise Ash looks up to them. Don’t be fooled though, the actress also happens to have amazing taste in fashion. The blonde beauty is a partner in Privé Revaux — an affordable sunglasses brand. The Benzo collection, which is inspired by her nickname, drops on July 22.

“Everyone calls me Benzo and it adds more of a personal touch to it,” she told the outlet. “I just got the glasses so we’re doing a whole five-day countdown starting Wednesday,” she said. “I’m going to be teasing them and sending them out to my friends in the industry who can wear them. The Plancos are different and not everyone can wear them, but that’s my personality, I’m very different and I wanted some of the pairs to be really unique. And the others I would wear every day.” We stan a versatile queen!