Three years after meeting on the sands of Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are officially a couple. Bachelor Nation is thrilled that Ashley I. was able to escape the dreaded friend zone— and her ex-boyfriend Kevin Wendt also had the perfect response to the relationship news. Watch the video above for Kevin’s message to Ashley I. and Jared.

Kevin, who starred on Canada’s version of The Bachelorette, met Ashley while competing on The Bachelor Winter Games earlier this year. Not only did the couple win the competition, but Ashley seemingly lost her virginity to the firefighter in the fantasy suite on the show. However, they called it quits just a few weeks after the finale, blaming the split on a lack of “magic.”

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“We get along very well, it’s just there’s a little something missing and you can’t really pinpoint what it is. That’s just how I feel,” Ashley explained on her Almost Famous podcast. Kevin agreed with the brunette beauty, adding, “I feel like that’s normal and I feel like you get those connections all the time where if you take away our outside world and just put Ashley and me on an island together, we’d probably get along really well. And that’s what Vermont was.”

However, now it seems Jared professed his love for Ashley — with a romantic kiss at the airport — while she was ~dating~ Kevin. “I thought ‘Okay, well that’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but I’m definitely gonna continue dating this other guy,’” Ashley explained to People magazine. “I just knew in my heart at that point that it wasn’t right with Kevin. I ended the relationship because it had run its course, and then Jared was still there.” She insists she did not cheat on Kevin.

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Today, Jared’s just glad he didn’t miss his chance with Ashley years after leaving her crying (multiple times) in Mexico. “I’m living proof that you should listen to your gut, and that it’s not too late,” he sweetly added. “The person I wanted to be with most was right in front of my eyes.” So, can Kevin be the next Bachelor now?

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