Oh no! Ashley Iaconetti, who we came to know and love as the weepy virgin on Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradice (twice), and Bachelor Winter Games got herself into some hot water with a very non-PC tweet on April 19. The brunette beauty ignoantly used a transphobic slur, before rushing to delete it when fans clued her in on her mistake.

ashley i, twitter

“Whenever I take a really good selfie, I take a good, hard look at it and then decide I look like a tranny. Am I alone in this?” she tweeted. The answer was apparently “yes,” and several fans let her know that her word choice was inappropriate. “Tranny is derogatory” said one fan. Another chimed in, saying, “Ashley I love you, but do NOT use the word tranny. Not cool.” Ashley quickly deleted the post, but did not share any sort of acknowledgement of it, or an apology. Once the tweet was gone, fans went to her Instagram instead. “Your tweet about trannies, just no @ashley_iaconetti ? so incredibly rude!” wrote one person.

Interestingly, Ashley is a big fan of Lance Bass, and he learned his lesson about the word after using it during an appearance on Access Hollywood in 2011. “I have learned, thanks to Glaad.org‘s website, that the term ‘tranny’ is used as a dehumanizing slur to describe transgender individuals and is oftentimes the last word someone hears before they are brutally attacked,” he wrote in an essay. “Similar to the anti-gay F-word, the term ‘tranny’ is commonly used to humiliate and degrade transgender individuals. I can tell you with all sincerity that I had no idea.” We truly believe that Ashley also didn’t know, but we hope she does now.

ashley i twitter

Around the same time as the tweet, Ashley posted a photo to her Instagram looking surper gorgeous with the caption, “I like this photo of me, and I hope you do too.” Hopefully she learned her lesson!

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